Church Bulletin April 6th, 2014

Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

222 East Epler, Indianapolis IN 46227

 April 6th, 2014

 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.

Psalms 122:6

         The history of the nation of Israel is filled with both sorrow and joy. At times the nation prospered and had peace. At other times troubles would sweep over the nation. People were killed and enslaved. Sometimes even the city of Jerusalem would be in danger.

Therefore David says pray for Jerusalem. As the capitol and the heart of the nation David understood that if Jerusalem had peace so would the rest of the nation.

David then goes on to say that those who love Jerusalem will have peace.  As the heart of the land of God’s chosen people he recognized the fact that those who loved God’s people would also love God. Those who loved God He would bless.

Anyone familiar with current events knows that Jerusalem does not have peace today. Certainly there would be nothing wrong people praying for peace in Israel.

However, the nation of Israel is no longer the chosen people of God and Jerusalem is no longer the capitol of God’s people on earth. God has set up a new kingdom on earth. That kingdom is His Son’s church which is called the New Jerusalem.

Just as the city of Jerusalem was often surrounded by enemies so the New Jerusalem is often under attack. If it was important for the Jewish people to pray for their capitol it is more important for those who are saved to pray for the church.

And if God was going to bless those who loved Jerusalem so He will bless those who love the church and pray for it. Of course we need to do more than just pray. We need to work to advance the church in this world. Our job is to defend the church with the word of God and to take the word of God with us as we go into the world.



 Brother Clarence has received some troubling information regarding his cancer and has been moved to Altenheim at 3525 East Hanna Avenue. This move is expected to temporary until he moves to a permanent facility. If would like to visit him please contact the family or Brother Chris to determine if he has been moved yet.

 Brother J. C. has been in the hospital this week and will be spending some time in rehab. Please continue to pray for him.

 The Prayer Bells will be working to help families staying at the Ronald McDonald house. These families have children who are very ill. If you would like to contribute please see the insert and contact Sister Tracy or Sister Sarah. Please take advantage of this opportunity to show Christian sympathy to those going through a hard time.

 Upcoming Events

 April 9th at 5:30-Meeting for Vacation Bible School

April 13th at 6:00-Revival starts at Kokomo. Jeff Elliot will be helping.

April 17th at 6:30-All the ladies of the church are invited to join the Prayer Bells at Sister’s Restaurant (31 and Terrace) for dinner at 6:30

April 22nd at 8:30– Breakfast with Bethel at Bob Evans on 31.

May 4th after morning service- Lunch at The Incredible Pizza Company

May 10thPutt-putt golf  at the Orchard Golf Center (135 and Fairview Road) from 3-5pm


About aldaraan

I am a Missionary Baptist Pastor, a husband and a father. I love my God, my church, my family and my country.
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  1. Since uploading this Brother Hagan has been called home. Please remember the family.

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