Judge not?

A good article from Brother Mark Greer

My Awesome God

I hear this quite often in society today in attempt to quote the Bible:  “Judge not!”

What I hear being referenced is found in Luke 6:37, and is one of the most misquoted verses of scripture I have ever heard.  Therefore, we’re going to take a moment to discuss this concept of “Judging” someone.

It is true that we should be merciful and not be hateful to anyone.  Nor are we to judge people for judgment is of the Lord.  To “Judge” someone is much the same way that our judges work today.  Our judges have the ability to choose whether someone is guilty or innocent and then either let the person go or pass a condemnation or punishment, if you will, upon them.

If you have had a salvation experience you are to obey the word of God for if you love Jesus you will obey his commands.

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