Church Bulletin April 14, 2013

April 14th, 2013

A Better Way?

Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.  Jeremiah 6:16 

       It seems like the world is fascinated with everything new. In too many minds new is the equivalent of better.

The religious world is no exception. Too many people are obsessed with hearing something new. There has to be a new message. There has to be a new way to get the gospel to the world.

In all honesty what they really seek is a new gospel. They want one that is easier for people to swallow. They want a gospel that suits people and have built churches around the idea that the gospel much be presented in such a fashion that it will not offend anyone who walks into the congregation.

Unfortunately for these seeker sensitive churches their gospel may not offend the audience but it does offend God. Not only does it offend God it is incapable of saving anyone.

As you can see from the verse in Jeremiah this idea of a new way is in fact an old idea. In fact, it predates even Jeremiah. The first recorded example we have of someone seeking a new way is Cain when he offered from his fields instead of from the flock. How did that work out for Cain?

Though Cain may have been the first the people in Jeremiah’s day had taken things a lot further. This was not the corruption of one man. This was the corruption of an entire nation. That corruption resulted in mass sufferings and captivity for the people of God.

Therefore we can see how important it is for God’s people not to seek any new way. We need to seek the old paths. That is where we will find the good way.

There are many things we can find on those old paths. The most important is a salvation experience based on faith and heart-felt repentance. It involves sinners praying through till the Holy Spirit lets them know they are saved.

But it goes beyond. The lives of saved people need to be conformed to those old paths too. We need to pray like our grandmothers did. We need to have burdens like our grandfathers did. We need to come out from the world like the old church did and not be conformed to it.

Let us not be like the Jews of this verse. Let us walk in the old paths. It is a better way than all these new ways.

Prayer List:

First priority in prayer- always the lost, our leaders, our military, and our church

-Addy Clark              -Thelma Confer           -Kathleen Gravens

-Louise Gammons         -Louise Cook             -Margaret Gray

-Dean Sewell             -Greg Shy               -Shirley Keen

-Anita Gray              -Matt Patterson           -Willa Dean McCombs

Coming Events:.

  • Please join us for Wednesday night services.
  • Prayerbells will be meeting at the church Thursday April 18th at 6:30.
  • Youth Weekend Meeting Saturday April 21st at 9:00.
  • April 21st the church has a room reserved at MCL. Please come join us for lunch immediately following our worship service.
  • We have a revival beginning May 5 at 6:00.
  • Our VBS will be the week of June 17-21

We would like to wish everyone who has a January, February, or March birthday a very blessed and happy birthday.


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