Can We Do it?

I took this picture of the church because I wanted a picture for our webpage. It was onlyBethel Missionary Baptist Church after I posted it that I realized that a Thursday afternoon might not have been the best time to get a picture. After all there are no cars in the parking lot and that does not exactly create the impression we want.

For example, what do you think when you go into a restaurant and you are the only one there? Does it make you wonder if the food is really worth eating? 

I hope people do not think Bethel is not a church worth attending because there are no cars in the parking lot! I assure there are plenty of cars on Sunday but there is still room for more. There is still room for yours! This Sunday would be a great day for your car to get some free publicity. Who knows I might snap a brand new picture.

To those whose cars would normally be in this picture on Sunday I have a challenge. Can we fill up the parking lot, and hopefull most of the sanctuary by the time our revival rolls around in May?

I think we can if we have the right combination of things.

First we need to have a real burden for the lost and a zeal to see them saved. A real burden is not just a happy thought about them getting saved. It is a desire that forces us to action. That action might include inviting people to church, praying for them and letting the Lord lead us each and every day of the week but especially on Sunday.

Second, we need the Lord’s blessing. This work we are engaged in is not our own. It belongs to Him and if he does not give an increase we just will not get one. Fortunately, he has promised us we will get an increase if we do not give up.

So can we do it? Can we fill this parking lot up?


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